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*Tableware (includes plates, cups, tablecloth, napkins)

*Quality Goodie Bags                    

*Favors (one take home gift)          

*Decorations (ceilings, balloon railings, theme extras) 

*Themed Balloon Tower (includes 5 balloons)                
*Balloon Railings (can be used as favors to give each child)

*Additional children (includes meal) *Close to the public      

*Bouncy Castle                                     
*Balloon Drop (2 colors)                             
*Bubble Machine                                
*Cupcake or Cookie decorating                  

*Princess Appearance (Elsa / Cinderella)  

*Art Party (crafts/art) w/Paint Craft Create 

We Can Help!.

 wifi available

Add on the following to any event package to help save you time! Let us do the work! 

Please remember SOCKS are required for EVERYONE

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa/MC, E-Transfer & Paypal! 


Mon - Fri - 9 am - 4 pm

Sat - 9 am - 12 pm

 Sun - Closed for Private events

 Call us for reservations

(604) 372-3364

Note: outside our noted hours, the space is available to rent ;)

Catering  (based on 20 people)
*Coffee (pot)                                     
*Sandwich Tray (Turkey / Ham / Veggie)                
*Cheese & Cracker Assortment                     
*Fruit Tray                                    
*Veggie Tray                                   
*Dessert Tray                                
*Muffins / Fruit Mix                                 
*Snack Pack -
(Popcorn, Chips & Salsa, Munchies Mix)

Fiona's Playdate Cafe . Unit 104 -6820 188th st, surrey BC. 

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS (during regular drop in hours) 

With the increase of severe allergic reactions we have to strictly monitor all incoming food products, this is why we have a NO OUTSIDE FOOD rule, HOWEVER if your child has a strict diet due to certain conditions or allergies please call us before your visit so we can either accommodate or approve incoming snacks.